Create list of events and download it as icalendar (.ics) file.

Share the list with others so they can view it on web and instantly add it to their smart phone calendar, or subscribe to their calendar.

Add Alert (Reminder) when downloading the icalendar (.ics) file. (new)

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Create list of events online. Save it with visibility 'private' or 'friends'. The creator can instantly download the icalendar (.ics) file.

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Every saved list of events with visibility set to 'friends' gets a unique URL. Send this to people you will like to share the events with. Event can be updated while retaining the same URL, so people can keep using the same URL.

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View / Download / Subscribe

Events can be viewed online. Most smart phone users can add the events to their Calendar instantly. Ideal way to share events with multiple people at once. User can subscribe to the event from their calendar as well (new).

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